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QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit - Polish Sealing Kit Headlamp Light Lens Restore Sealer


£12.08Ex. Vat


Headlight Restoration Kit

Product Description

Headlight treatment polish + headlight sealing

Opacity and yellowing drastically reduce the luminosity of headlights! Restricted vision and perceptibility become a risk to all motorists.

The QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit provides a quick, permanent and reasonable remedy.  

Features and benefits Headlight Polish:

  • Removes yellowing, matt areas and light scratches and, thus, provides clear headlight lenses
  • Increases the safety during driving due to perfect light and, thus, improves vision and “being seen"
  • Improves the optics and, thus value retention of the vehicle
  • Application saves expensive repairs or replacement of the headlight
  • All-inclusive kit contains everything required for application
  • Superior effect due to PDT (Plastic Deformation Technology)

Features and benefits Headlight Sealing:

  • Provides a durable protective layer
  • Increases the resistance to scratches and yellowing.  

In the course of time sun, contamination, acid rain and salt turns the plastic headlight lens yellow, cloudy and opaque. Matt headlights present a serious safety risk. Their radiance significantly reduces and the view when dark becomes increasingly poorer. That means a risk to all motorists! In addition, naturally, clear and well maintained headlights also contribute to the appearance of the vehicle and, thus, the value retention.

Using the QUIXX headlight restoration kit, matt and yellowed headlights are restored again as new! The kit contains everything that is required for a professional result. Application saves an expensive visit to the workshop, or even expensive replacement the headlight.

The headlight sealant , also included in the headlight kit, provides comprehensive protection for the headlight. Its unique formula provides a durable and weatherproof, highly polished layer against environmental influences. In addition, the smooth, contamination-repellent sealing maintains the headlight cleaner for longer. Regularly applied, the UV protection it contains significantly helps to prevent the headlight yellowing and becoming cloudy again.

Product Code: LS187